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On March 1st, 1978 at 4:00pm, 90.9FM WCDB had it's first broadcast.
To read the Albany Student Press (ASP) article below, click HERE.

1940-50: Albany State Radio Guild (ASRG) is founded
1963: WSUA signs on at 640 kHz AM
1978: WCDB signs on at 90.9FM with 10 watts of power and the first song is played on WCDB, "Born To Run" by Bruce Springsteen
1982: WCDB increases to 100 watts, first song played, "Rock And Roll" by Velvet Underground
1990: WCDB broadcasts it's first ever SUNY sports (baseball) game
1997: The WCDB website is created
1999: WCDB makes it's first webcast
2002: WCDB gets a new transmitter and antenna
2003: WCDB members begin to pave the road to create a bigger and better radio sation. Oh yeah, we built new CD shelves too!

If you interested in finding out even more about the history of WSUA/WCDB,
check out The WCDB Historical Society.
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